coaching options

Take a look at all the coaching options below to suit your riding and budget

With all out coaching options, you will be added as an athlete to my coaching profile. You will need to download the Trainingpeaks app (for free) where all your sessions will be loaded to


Weight loss coaching

  • Helping you reach your weight loss goals
  • Monitoring and tracking to make sure you stay on target
  • Includes 12 one on one sessions per month (either virtual or at our facility depending on your location)



Beginner coaching

New to cycling and need some help to get started? Leave all the planning and programming to us and let us help you achieve your goals

  • Month to month planning and programming
  • Reach your goals quicker
  • Contact to coach
  • Performance monitoring and tracking


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Group coaching

Coaching for groups of 2-4 cyclists

  • Train with your friend and keep each other motivated
  • Reduced costs for group coaching
  • Performance monitoring and tracking

R199 p/m per cyclist


Individual quarterly coaching

  • Specific training outcome every 3 months
  • Reduced cost for quarterly subscription
  • Contact to coach
  • Peak for specific events

R799 every 3 months

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Individual coaching

  • Month to month coaching
  • Get in the best shape and peak for specific races
  • Improve performance measurements
  • Contact to coach

R499 p/m


Advanced coaching

  • Take your cycling to the next level
  • Includes Trainingpeaks premium account
  • Peak for targeted races
  • Performance monitoring and tracking

R1099 p/m

What our clients say

Great for cycling & running training plans, keeping you in tip-top shape and insuring you stay on top of your game

Michael Anderson